Employment and Training

MPG Shreeves LLP have a policy of equal opportunity for all suitably qualified staff irrespective of sex, race or religion.


The Partnership operates a policy of positive in-service training for staff at all levels in both the professional and administrative fields.


The Partnership is also committed to the provision of suitable academic training for those obtaining recognised relevant professional qualification. This is provided in the main by day release and block release attendance at approved courses and the provision of “year out” placement for students.


The Partnership fully supports the Continuing Professional Development Programme and takes part in both internal and external seminars.


A copy of our Equal Opportunity is available on request.

Environmental Policy

Many of our clients have established policies in place in this respect from which we take guidance. Where appropriate we can provide a client with suitable guidelines in harmony with our own established Environmental Policy


Our business will seek to apply best practice in environmental management and we will strive to integrate environmental considerations in to our services and projects.


A copy of our Environmental Policy is available on request.

Health and Safety

The Partnership has produced a strong policy towards the safety of its own employees within both the office and site environments. All employees are notified of this policy and compliance is monitored. Each member of staff is issued with the appropriate safety clothing and equipment.


Safety Policy requirements are included in all documentation as needed by individual clients. Where desired a Safety Policy and a Safety Plan for a Project can be developed in association with a Client


A copy of our Health and Safety Policy is available on request.